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Tips for buying a parking space

The number of inhabitants of big cities is increasing and parking spaces and storage rooms have become a luxury item, so from Grupo Mar de Casas we offer you today the best tips for buying a parking space. Keep reading, you are interested. Tips for buying a parking space Buying a parking space involves taking

real estate market in 2022 323x215

The real estate market in 2022

From Grupo Mar de Casas we welcome a 2022 marked by uncertainty in the real estate market, which will be affected to a greater or lesser extent by the different variants of COVID19 and its direct global consequences. Read on and find out what will happen in this new year. Real estate market in 2022:

new spanish housing law - november 2021

New Spanish housing law

The 26th of October 2021 brought with it the approval of the new Housing Law, delimiting the irregular rises in rents by the Autonomous Communities and municipalities as the main point. Read on, from Grupo Mar de Casas we invite you to learn about the new Housing Law approved by the Council of Ministers of

Energy efficiency certificate

Energy efficiency certificate

The energy efficiency certificate or energy certificate is necessary for all those owners who wish to sell or buy a property, as the Spanish government and real estate laws establish, in the event of its absence, heavy financial penalties. Read on, we explain what the energy efficiency certificate consists of. Definition of the energy efficiency

real value of a home

Real value of a house: everything you need to know

September arrives and the real estate market is agitated with thousands of real estate transactions of purchase and sale and rental housing throughout Spain, so knowing the real value of a home, your apartment, house or villa becomes essential to ask for a fair price according to the market and, above all, to your needs.

Choosing your business premises 323x217

Business premises: tips for choosing your business premises

The economic crisis derived from COVID19 has led to the emergence of a large portfolio of commercial premises due to the closure of companies and bank branches, bringing to the surface thousands of commercial metres for any industrial or business activity. Read on, we will show you the keys to choosing your commercial premises.  


Mortgage: things to consider in your properties purchase process

Buying a home is, nowadays and if we do not have the help of expert real estate agents, a headache due to the need to choose your mortgage that suits our needs. In Grupo Mar de Casas we help you today to know all the terms related to your future mortgage. Mortgage types The mortgage

Tips to sell your house faster

Tips to sell your house faster

Summer is a period in which the real estate market, and therefore, real estate agents and individuals, move an endless number of houses to get the maximum economic benefit; that’s why from Grupo Mar de Casas we show you the best tips to sell your house faster, keep reading, you’re interested! Tips to sell your

Sustainable houses

Sustainable houses

The 21st century has highlighted the depletion of certain natural resources and the firm commitment to the construction of sustainable houses (also known as ecological houses) that involve sustainability in both their materials and their construction process. Read on, we explain everything you need to know about sustainable houses, a silent green revolution that is

nueva factura de la luz junio 2021 - Grupo Mar de Casas

New electricity bill in Spain: change your pricing in June 2021

On 1 June 2021, when the heat is at its hottest in our country, the change to a new electricity bill is looming that will affect the way we use energy and the price we pay for it (both in traditional homes and in the smart homes of the future that we mentioned last month).

Advantages of second-hand houses with Grupo Mar de Casas

Advantages of second-hand houses: why are they a great option?

Once we have seen all the characteristics of what we know as second homes, we get down to work to explain another of the options most chosen by Spaniards (and according to experts, also by Europeans): second-hand homes. These homes, occupied at different times by different tenants or rented to one or more owners at

Second homes with Grupo Mar de Casas

Second homes: all that you need to know

In the midst of the pandemic crisis, the coronavirus has reopened the debate on second homes, which are considered very powerful real estate assets for the coming months and even years. Thus, from Grupo Mar de Casas, experts in the sale of second homes and new or second-hand homes, we shed some light on these

Factors in finding your ideal home

Factors in finding your ideal home

Finding your ideal home is a slow and costly process as you search through different real estate portals, as you walk down the street looking for the much-noticed signs on the houses or as you visit the thousands of real estate agencies on the street that you will find in your city. So, at Grupo

moving to a new home - Grupo Mar de Casas

A successful moving

Keys to a successful moving Moving house, a word that is sometimes far away but which, when the time comes, can cause us big problems if we don’t know the little tricks that will help us to enjoy a new and exciting change in our lives. Read on and discover little tips for your move

smart homes

Smart homes, beyond intelligent homes

The 21st century has brought us smart homes, smart homes , which rely on home automation technology to turn homes into efficient and environmentally friendly places and, why not say it, economically self-sufficient and cheap, turning them into smart homes. Keep reading, we explain the main concepts of smart homes , smart homes that are