El Campello, an oasis on the Costa Blanca

Living in El Campello is to live an idyll with the Costa Blanca, living in El Campello is to live the Mediterranean in its entirety..El Campello is located in the heart of the Costa Blanca, facing the Mediterranean Sea and only 10 kilometers from Alicante and 30 km from Benidorm. Living in El Campello is

Living in Águilas

Living in Águilas

Living in Águilas is an ode to the sun and to the party. Águilas is a coastal town in the Region of Murcia within the so-called Costa Cálida, where the Carnivals held in February and August, declared of International Tourist Interest and during which the population is quadrupled, reflect an affable Mediterranean character and open

Molina buena 3

Living in Molina de Segura

Living in Molina is to breathe the orchard on all four sides. Molina de Segura is located in the Region of Murcia, specifically on the left bank of the Segura River, almost 12.5 kilometers from Murcia capital. With its 169 square kilometers, most of them occupied by leafy orchard, it occupies the fourth place in


Living in Callosa de Segura

Living in Callosa de Segura is a unique experience in Alicante. Callosa de Segura, with its 24.8 square kilometers, is located in the Vega Baja of the Segura River at 16 meters above sea level and surrounded by the Municipal Natural Area of ​​La Pilarica-Sierra de Callosa, which with the Cruz de In the middle,

Vila joiosa

Living in Villajoyosa

Living in Villajoyosa is an experience to remember. Historical capital of the Marina Baja of Alicante, the narrow streets of its historic center and its exteriors keep a rich and varied archaeological and monumental heritage shaped throughout its centuries of history, from the Bronze Age, through cultures as varied as the Phoenicians, Iberians and Romans

Guardamar del Segura, an oasis at Mediterranean Sea

Living in Guardamar del Segura

Do you want to live in Guardamar del Segura a green experience at the top of your lungs? Located between Torrevieja and Santa Pola and 25 kilometers from the International Airport of Alicante, it is part of the region of the Vega Baja of Alicante, of which it stands out with its eleven kilometers of


Living in San Juan de Alicante

Living in San Juan de Alicante is a connection between city, sea and mountain. This population of Alicante is part of the Comarca de l’Alacantí and, with its almost 10 kilometers of extension, is the heart of the old Huerta de Alicante, a city from which seven kilometers separate it and which, in part, is


Living in La Nucía

Do you want to live in La Nucía a sweet experience in green? Well let’s go into this town of the Marina Baja of Alicante, located in a narrow line between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain formed by Benidorm, Alfaz del Pí and Altea and which develops inland with its limits in Callosa de


Living in Ibi

Living in Ibi can be a great option if you are looking to have a large house at a reduced price. Ibi,in the interior of the province of Alicante has just over 23,000 inhabitants, during recent years the population of this municipality has remained stable. Alicante is located only 40 minutes by car, Elda 30


Living in Cartagena

There are many people who decide to live in Cartagena. Its wide range of housing, leisure and employment make it an ideal city to live in the Mediterranean. Cartagena is the second most populated city in the Region of Murcia, second only to its capital. Cartagena has a population of approximately 218,000 inhabitants. Murcia is 54


I want to sell my flat

If during the last months you have repeatedly repeated the phrase I want to sell my flat, you have reached the right place. We know that facing the sale of a flat is a horror. That’s why in Mar de Casas we do not want our clients to take any fright in the management of


Vivir en Novelda

Si buscas una ciudad con un clima mediterráneo, escasas precipitaciones, buenas ofertas en pisos y casas y bien comunicada con las ciudades más importantes, vivir en Novelda va a ser todo un acierto. Novelda es una ciudad del interior de la provincia de Alicante que se encuentra situada a  44 km de la capital y


Vivir en Jávea

Si eres un amante del mar, de la naturaleza y de la buena gastronomía, vivir en Jávea te va a encantar. Este municipio del norte de la provincia de Alicante lo tiene todo, numerosas playas y calas espectaculares, montañas repletas de pinos, atardeceres maravillosos y una gastronomía de escándalo que la convierten en un lugar


Vivir en Santa Pola

¿Quieres saber cuáles son las mejores zonas para vivir en Santa Pola? Aquí te lo contamos todo para tomes la decisión más acertada. La población de Santa Pola ronda los 32.000 habitantes, aunque durante los meses de verano la población supera fácilmente los 100.000 habitantes. Y es que esta población costera es muy popular para


Vivir en Calpe

¿Quieres vivir en Calpe? Aquí te contamos las cosas más importantes para que la decisión de vivir en este pueblo de la Costa Blanca sea todo un acierto. Calpe es un municipio costero del norte de la provincia de Alicante con una población aproximada de 22.000 habitantes. Se sitúa localizado a una distancia de 63 km