Business premises: tips for choosing your business premises

The economic crisis derived from COVID19 has led to the emergence of a large portfolio of commercial premises due to the closure of companies and bank branches, bringing to the surface thousands of commercial metres for any industrial or business activity. Read on, we will show you the keys to choosing your commercial premises.

Choosing your business premises, a question of perspective

  To choose your business premises we must take into account many factors such as location, features, services… a host of factors that will make your business gain visibility and a promising future. For this reason, we offer you a series of tips for choosing your commercial premises that will help you to choose easily.

Choosing your business premises: its location is a determining factor in your success

  At Grupo Mar de Casas we advise you to choose the location carefully and look for locations close to your competitors (in short, competition, if it is in products or services, is healthy). Commercial premises in city centres are full of shops, boutiques and services such as telephone companies, entertainment and restaurants, generating incredible consumption poles that are transferred, in the case of large industries, to industrial estates where companies are concentrated in industrial warehouses and larger commercial premises.
  When choosing your commercial premises we must take into account the direction of travel of vehicles and that areas of high traffic flow are ideal for the installation of commercial premises that generate a high volume of sales due to the greater number of pedestrians and, therefore, greater consumer habits.

Commercial ground floor, ground floor or first floor? Choosing the height of your business is important

  The height of your commercial premises is fundamental as large service, fashion and catering companies are obliged to display their products at street level for greater impact, while other professionals can opt for mezzanines and intermediate floors which, as well as guaranteeing the privacy of our clients, are a much more economical option.

Choosing your business premises: find out where your customer is

  When setting up and choosing a commercial premises, you must know for sure who and where your client is, what their consumer habits are (an older person who goes to the most central areas to do all their shopping with a high purchasing power is not the same as a young person who can go to shopping centres in the outskirts of the city). In addition, if you offer services or you are a freelance professional, you should bear in mind that the closer you are to the city centre, the greater the economic return you will get from your commercial premises, as the traffic of thousands of passers-by will increase the visibility of your business.

Study the business hours of the area when choosing your business premises

  A commercial premises outside the business hours of other commercial premises is destined to die in a relatively short period of time, so study very well the business hours of the area, adapt to them and to the hours of greatest influx of people to be able to launch yourself to get your biggest target audience.

Bet on accessibility when choosing your business premises

  Many companies choose to relocate their commercial premises to large shopping centres and industrial estates as they have better accessibility, parking facilities and, in short, better access to the business premises. In addition, the most sought-after commercial ground floors are located in front of bus stops, metro entrances or similar for easy access by customers and suppliers. In this case, you should opt for ground floor retail units in established or developing areas.

Choosing your commercial premises: light and spaciousness are key to your growth

. For our business to succeed we must choose a commercial ground floor with plenty of light, with large windows, large spaces where we can distribute our product/service and have access to all the services we want (possibility of bathrooms, installation of annexed storage areas…). In this way, if we have large windows, we will be able to emphasise our product or service offers clearly.

Choosing your commercial business premises with Grupo Mar de Casas, a guarantee of success

Choosing your commercial premises with Grupo Mar de Casas is an easy decision: we have a wide portfolio of commercial business premises in Murcia, Almeria, Alicante, Madrid and Malaga so that you can set up your business or office, with fabulous services and adapted to all your needs; are you still in doubt? Take the plunge and choose your commercial premises on our website, your great opportunity is here!