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Mar de Casas
Mar de Casas is a company dedicated to the commercialization of properties in different parts of the Spanish geography and his objetive is to find and sell the best homes from differents cities. The success of Mar de Casas during the last years: Mar de Casas has consolidated as one of the references in the real estate sector. There are several factors that have directly contributed to the growth of Mar de Casas, achieving great results thanks to having an unbeatable and dynamic catalog of opportunities. Since its origins in 2012, Mar de Casas has strongly opted for the digital medium.
– Lots of properties (más de 25.000)
– Maximum professional commitment with our suppliers
– More than 1,000 monthly clients attended
– Great investment in online and offline media
– Trust and guarantee towards our customers
– International presence (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany …)
– Honesty

In 2017, one of Mar de Casas’ biggest bets was launched in its national expansion, with the opening of a first physical store in Madrid Capital.
Big Staff
The enthusiasm and commitment of the human team that makes up Mar de Casas make buying or selling a home a very simple task. We are knowledgeable experts of the market as well as of the opportunities that are appearing. Do you want to meet us?