Second homes: all that you need to know

In the midst of the pandemic crisis, the coronavirus has reopened the debate on second homes, which are considered very powerful real estate assets for the coming months and even years. Thus, from Grupo Mar de Casas, experts in the sale of second homes and new or second-hand homes, we shed some light on these properties in question in recent months.

What are the second homes?

Second homes have, at first glance, a very simple definition: they are homes (whether flats, villas or any other type of house) used as an escape route for holidays in coastal areas, as investment opportunities in large cities or as outdoor retreats in country homes which in turn represent a future investment depending on developments in the real estate market. These second homes had a boom in the late 70s and early 80s, a period that coincided with the massification of paid holidays in companies and has had its explosion during the pandemic due to the need for a place to expand outside large cities like Madrid or Barcelona. Thus, these homes are attractive in many ways, read on, we explain why.

Why are second homes so attractive today?

Second homes are, in 2021, a very viable alternative for those who have ample capital, as they can acquire homes in less crowded places, enjoy greater peace and quiet and serve as an escape route while still having all the services within reach. In addition, the pandemic has shown that second homes are ideal for remote working or telecommuting because, as we mentioned earlier, they are located in areas with wireless services. Second homes are, without a doubt, a great opportunity to obtain an economic benefit by renting or selling them in areas that are attractive to tourists and visitors, with the number of homes for sale increasing due to the economic crisis. The second home is, unwittingly, an ideal home to live in as it has all the most urban comforts and the new demands of the real estate market: large open spaces, more square metres, much more light and other extra spaces such as terraces or gardens that offer greater mobility to its tenants.

Can I find my ideal second homes in Grupo Mar de Casas?

In Grupo Mar de Casas we have a large stock of second homes in Alicante, Almería and Murcia, especially in coastal areas such as the Costa Blanca, Costa Calida and the coast of Almeria, areas where the second home takes its broadest sense with bright homes, close to the sea and with all the requirements you’ve always wanted to enjoy the tranquility as you deserve, are you in? Contact our team of experts, we are waiting for you!