Tips for buying a parking space

The number of inhabitants of big cities is increasing and parking spaces and storage rooms have become a luxury item, so from Grupo Mar de Casas we offer you today the best tips for buying a parking space. Keep reading, you are interested.

Tips for buying a parking space

Buying a parking space involves taking into account different aspects that will lead you to save on the purchase of your parking space in any city.

First of all, buying your parking space you must know perfectly the size of your vehicle and, therefore, the space you need to park it correctly, as well as recognising the available manoeuvring spaces, the height of the car park itself and the height of the ramps going up and down the car park. Thus, knowing your garage is essential for good manoeuvrability, taking into account its lighting, the material it is made of (concrete, polyurethane…), the existing ventilation systems and even the electric charging points for hybrid or electric vehicles.

Buying a parking space you need to know the costs of the purchase of your parking space, as these spaces are taxed as if they were a home or a storage room, i.e. you must pay the Real Estate Tax (IBI) and VAT on the purchase and sale of the parking space. Thus, you must register your property with the help of a notary and / or agency, and find out if the parking space is free of tax charges (if the previous owners are actually up to date with the payment of all or part of it).

Buying a parking space can, depending on the city in which you are looking for, be an odyssey and can have a very high price (it is not the same, for example, buying a parking space in Almería than buying a parking space in Alicante as they are totally different cities), so you should recognise the areas closest to your area of influence or movement, the locations where parking spaces are cheaper and those areas in which the parking space can be a good investment in case you wish to rent or sell your parking space.

Documentation required for buying a parking space

Buying a parking space saves us a lot of inconvenience when it comes to getting home or to work and it is a relatively small expense in relation to properties such as a house or a storage room, so it is good to consider buying a parking space and to know what documentation is necessary to buy a parking space.

First of all we must know their legal charges corresponding to mortgages, loans etc… through a simple note in the Land Registry of the locality in which we wish to buy the parking space and find out if they are up to date with payments such as IBI and the corresponding community of owners.

Once the status quo of the parking space has been recognised, we must draw up the contract of sale of the parking space in which, if there are any, legal charges to be paid and the conditions of the sale (delivery period, total amount to be paid, method of payment, extra notary and deed fees…) will be put in writing.

As with a house, we will have to go to the Land Registry and the Tax Office to settle the local taxes and recognise the parking space as our property, paying VAT (10% on a new home or 21% if it is independent of your future home) and, in the case of a second-hand parking space, paying the Transfer Tax (ITP) and the Tax on Legal Documents (AJD).

Thus, once the corresponding taxes have been paid, with the deed of purchase of the parking space stamped by the Tax Office, the parking space will be registered in your name at the Land Registry.

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