Living in Molina de Segura

Living in Molina is to breathe the orchard on all four sides. Molina de Segura is located in the Region of Murcia, specifically on the left bank of the Segura River, almost 12.5 kilometers from Murcia capital. With its 169 square kilometers, most of them occupied by leafy orchard, it occupies the fourth place in the ranking of inhabitants of the Region, with more than 70,000 neighbors who live by and for an orchard that has been and is the strategic engine of a municipality that has fourteen districts that sow their future of fruit trees, vegetables and even cereals and olive trees through a powerful irrigation system from the Middle Ages. Living in Molina de Segura is to enjoy its orchard and its three mountain ranges, the Lugar, the Águila and the Sierra de la Pila (today Regional Park with endless hiking trails with which to enjoy) that surround it by hugging the north and from which you can see the whole orchard that surrounds Molina. Thus, the vegetable garden of Molina welcomes in the Ribera de Molina, the Torrealta and the Llano de Molina to its most populous populations, together with a large number of recreational urbanizations with numerous infrastructures for leisure and rest, in which Grupo Mar de Casas offers many homes and houses of new and second hand with the best qualities and the best price, assuming an excellent opportunity to buy your dream property. Living in Molina de Segura is to enjoy excellent communications, because as an important municipality worth its, it has been a crossroads and has links through the N-301 and the Mediterranean Highway, which will take the traveler to the airport Murcia-San Javier in just over thirty minutes. Living in Molina is to live its history as a village, which will begin with Paleolithic settlements in the hamlet of El Fenazar and with the Roman colonizations from which its history as a town comes, remembering that the urban nucleus of the current Molina de Segura was in that part of the Roman road that served as a point of union between Carthago Nova and the student Alcalá de Henares, in Madrid. Living in Molina de Segura is to enjoy its heritage and assets of cultural interest, among which is the processional custody of the Church of the Assumption of Molina de Segura, the main religious temple of the municipality also considered BIC by the competent authorities, the hydraulic wheel of the Ethnographic Museum Carlos Soriano, in the Llano de Molina and that is a true reflection of the irrigation systems of all the Vega Media to which Molina belongs and the wall and the citadel of the castle district, remains that are preserved throughout the municipality. Amen of these three monuments, Molina de Segura houses monuments of high historical value such as the Casa Cárcel, the different churches and hermitages and the Casa Torre Anita, a house built by the famous Murcia architect Pedro Cerdán Martínez in 1940 as a clear example of the construction of The time. Molina de Segura, as the main focus of the canning industry in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries on the banks of Segura preserves innumerable industrial chimneys that rise to the sky as a reflection of the decline of this industry in the mid-twentieth century in Molina. Living in Molina de Segura is to live an immeasurable party, so do not hesitate to contact Grupo Mar de Casas to get a new home or second hand, which will bring you to parties such as San Antón and San Vicente Mártir in mid-January, Holy Week and the festivities of the Virgen de la Consolación in September, where the figure moves to the Church of the Assumption in a procession. Molina de Segura, in addition to festivals of a religious nature, organizes festivals such as the BSide of pop music during the festivities, the Festival of Choirs and Dances of Molina and the National Folklore Festival of Molina de Segura and the Choral Contest of Carols de Molina of Segura. Living in Molina de Segura is tasting local products, from an orchard that provides vegetables and citrus fruits in equal parts and with which they cook cocido with pelotas, gachasmigas, olla gitana, rice with rabbit, rin ran, snails in sauce, Murcian salad of vegetables, gazpacho con liebre y perdiz, michirones, sopa de ajo, pan y huevo to which the paparajotes, fried cakes, arrope or the traditional preserved fruits of the industry of Molina are united. All these important reasons why living in Molina de Segura is a small pleasure nestled in the Huerta del Segura, do not miss visiting Mar de Casas Group and start enjoying your future home in the heart of the huerta of Murcia and make your dream a reality.