Living in San Juan de Alicante

Living in San Juan de Alicante is a connection between city, sea and mountain. This population of Alicante is part of the Comarca de l’Alacantí and, with its almost 10 kilometers of extension, is the heart of the old Huerta de Alicante, a city from which seven kilometers separate it and which, in part, is considered its extension to the orchard through the wide avenues of Miguel Hernández and Denia. At the same time, it is intimately linked to the fruit and vegetable areas of Mutxamiel and El Campello, of which it is 1 and 3 kilometers away respectively and others such as San Vicente del RaspeigBusot and Jijona, cradle of the most famous «turrón» in Europe. Living in San Juan de Alicante is love for the vegetable garden, which is nourished thanks to the majestic swamp of Tibi distributing the Montnegre river throughout the region and which, as early as the 16th century, is considered the oldest dam in Europe. The orchard of San Juan de Alicante was conceived as a hydraulic complex without equal with thousands of irrigation ditches that, together with an endless number of defensive towers and hermitages, allowed the safeguard of the horticultural products of the whole region against the Berber pirates. Living in San Juan de Alicante is good weather, it is a municipality with a benign climate accompanied by numerous hours of sun, an important aspect for those who decide to live in San Juan de Alicante, acquiring their new or second hand homes with Grupo Mar de Casas in the most stately residential San Juan de Alicante, powered by a spectacular urban, commercial and cultural growth parallel to that of his traveling mate, Alicante. Living in San Juan de Alicante is to enjoy its historical cultural heritage and scientific progress, with three of the most important cultural institutions of the province of Alicante: the Casa de la Cultura, polyvalent center of the municipality where concerts, events, congresses are held , exhibitions and festivals such as the Festival de Cine de San Juan de Alicante, the Biblioteca Municipal and the Archivo Municipal; San Juan de Alicante also houses the Campus de Ciencias de la Salud of Universidad de Miguel Hernández and the Instituto de Neurociencias of Alicante, which since 1990 directs research in molecular and cellular biology, genetics and physiology of our country thanks to the interaction of the mentioned university with the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. Living in San Juan de Alicante is to enjoy the fire of its people, its music, its sports, its gastronomy and its traditions throughout the year, among which the pilgrimage and fair of Santa Faz (Thursday after the Easter octave stand out) and the unequaled fogueres of Sant Joan, from June 20 to 24, in honor of the patron saint of the municipality of San Juan Bautista, and every year, since 1928, it sees his famous ninots, cardboard and wood figures, burn in its streets, symbol of renewed airs and promises fulfilled. San Juan de Alicante has two very important traditions, the first is its close connection with music with the Maestro Climent Elementary School of Music and the authorized Professional Center of Music Vila de Sant Joan, from which hundreds of the best musicians from the province of Alicante and, second and not least, the strong implantation of the pilota valenciana as a reference sport with more than fifty years of roots among its neighbors. In addition, living in San Juan de Alicante is to taste the variety of its cuisine, with Alicante rice as a star dish, accompanied by dishes from the orchard such as putxero amb tarongetes and olleta and others from the shores of the sea such as arroz con morena or the borreta with cod. Thus, it is fair to recognize the origin and importance of typical San Juan products such as the coca salada, which in its different versions delights young and old or the sweet rolls and the toñas for the sweetiest people. This gastronomy is linked to the development of many markets and fairs such as Santa Faz (held during the festival), the Christmas Fair, the Andalusian Fair held in June and the Arrels Market of organic products. Living in San Juan de Alicante is living looking to the past with a mind set on the future, a future in which Grupo Mar de Casas wants to make it contribution by offering you a wide variety of new and second hand homes with the best qualities and at the best prices in the real estate market of the province of Alicante.