Living in La Nucía

Do you want to live in La Nucía a sweet experience in green? Well let’s go into this town of the Marina Baja of Alicante, located in a narrow line between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountain formed by Benidorm, Alfaz del Pí and Altea and which develops inland with its limits in Callosa de Ensarriá and Polop. Living in La Nucía is an experience of height, since it is a municipality located between the Sierras de Bernia and Cortina and the well-known Puig Campana, second mountain near the highest coast of Spain and that allows anyone who visits La It had an impressive view from its 1410 meters of altitude, forming La Nucía as an ecotourism enclave of asymmetrical forms without equal, with numerous routes in which to enjoy its endless ravines and its tossals, wooded elevations of Mediterranean pine forest that merge in the interior of this beautiful Alicante town and that give a magical touch to a historic center and a few urbanizations recast in the green of these peculiar arboreal formations, integrating asphalt and nature in equal parts. Living in La Nucía is synonymous with communication with the sea, since Benidorm is a tourist destination for many of the people who live or enjoy La Nucía, connected through the Mediterranean A-7 motorway, as well as the N-332, that joins this municipality of almost nineteen thousand inhabitants with Alicante and Valencia. Living in La Nucía is a freshwater place, where its first inhabitants were dragged by the charm of its leafy trees and its rich springs (hence its Arabic origin «Naziha» means delicious). And it is that La Nucía was born as a farmhouse that in 1271 was donated by King Jaime I to Beltrán de Bellpuig, for which there were endless disputes throughout history until it became independent of the Barony of Polop already in the century XVIII and that will pass Iberians, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and even Berber pirates, who will mark with fire the emigrant character of the nucieros. Living in La Nucía is a living culture where you can visit different spaces such as the Auditori de la Mediterrània where cultural events of all kinds are held, the University Seu, which perfectly integrated into an impressive wooded area develops courses at the University of Alicante, El Captivador environmental education center, where nature and Mediterranean history are intermingled thanks to the collaboration between the City Council of La Nucía and the University of Alicante and the José Soler Ethnological Museum that shows the most deeply rooted customs. Living La Nucía is to live its festivities and its gastronomy throughout the year, two of which celebrate the definitive independence of the municipality, such as the Carta Pobla in July and those of its patron San Rafael in November, where they have lunch as a pellets and horse meat; its major festivities in August in honor of the Virgen de la Asunción and San Roque with offerings, parades and mascletaes; the pilgrimage in honor of San Vicente in the Natural Area of ​​Captivador the Monday after Easter, where folklore, concerts, races and barbecues are enjoyed and Holy Week, which lives its peak with representations of the passion of Jesus Christ. Living in La Nucía is a green experience, so Grupo Mar de Casas offers flats, townhouses, duplexes, semi-detached houses and detached houses of new and second-hand work, with the best qualities and all the comforts, in an environment spectacular that joins the mountain with the vibrant daily routine of La Nucía.