Living in Ibi

Living in Ibi can be a great option if you are looking to have a large house at a reduced price.

Ibi,in the interior of the province of Alicante has just over 23,000 inhabitants, during recent years the population of this municipality has remained stable. Alicante is located only 40 minutes by car, Elda 30 minutes and Villena only 25 minutes.

Ibi is known internationally as the Spanish toy center. At the beginning of the 70s there began to be a real boom in the toy industry in Ibi. That is when many Spaniards decide to live in Ibi and settle there due to the strong demand that the industry is beginning to generate. Although things have changed a lot in all those glorious years, there is still a toy industry in Ibi. Extremely important toy factories such as Playmobil and Famosa continue in the town of Ibi. The Spanish Association of Toy Manufacturers is located in this municipality.

There are many advantages offered by living in Ibi. Being a small town you can  walk to virtually all sites. The gastronomy of Ibi is very rich in rice, vegetables, vegetables and meats. Some of the most typical dishes are the llegumet, the pericana and the arroz caldoso. In addition, Ibi has several bars for good tapas accompanied by a beer or a good Alicante wine and a variety of restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal with family or friends of some of the most typical dishes.

Without a doubt living in Ibi can be a great option due to the labor opportunities that the toy industry can bring, the low cost of housing and the proximity and good communication with other nearby cities.

As far as the educational offer is concerned, Ibi has several day care centers, schools and institutes spread throughout the municipality. The University of Elche Miguel Hernández counts with a seat in Ibi that teaches numerous summer courses.

Ibi is usually a very visited population during the winter months and although living in Ibi in winter entails temperatures a little more icy than on the coast, this town becomes a very desirable place.

The parties of the enharinados and the cavalcades of Three Wise Men are some of the most popular parties.

In addition, on the outskirts of Ibi you can visit the Barranco de los Molinos, a hiking trail where you can immerse yourself in the most extensive nature, as well as having a spring that supplies water to the municipality. It is undoubtedly a beautiful area to relax after a day’s work and is just a step away from Ibi.

The municipality has its own health center (with emergencies 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday) and the public Hospital Virgen de los Lirios de Alcoy is only 15 minutes away by car.

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