Living in Cartagena

There are many people who decide to live in Cartagena. Its wide range of housing, leisure and employment make it an ideal city to live in the Mediterranean. Cartagena is the second most populated city in the Region of Murcia, second only to its capital. Cartagena has a population of approximately 218,000 inhabitants. Murcia is 54 km away, San Javier 30 km away, La Manga del Mar Menor 40 km away and Alicante about 100 km away. This port city enjoys a lot of history behind its back and the great battles that were experienced in its port over the centuries. Since the 90s the population of Cartagena has increased considerably thanks to the arrival of people from other countries who have been enumerating in this municipality. Approximately 13% of the total population is foreigner. There are many areas where you can live in Cartagena, some of them are the old town of Cartagena, Santa Lucia, La Magdalena. In addition, there are several districts belonging to Cartagena, for example, El Algar or Rincón de San Ginés. Cartagena has a wide variety of flats and houses scattered throughout these areas. Cartagena also has its own hospital, the Hospital of Santa Lucia Cartagena is located just 2 km from the city center. This hospital with more than 650 beds not only provides services to the population of Cartagena, but also to other nearby towns such as Fuente Álamo or Mazarrón. There are also several health centers and specialties that Cartagena has spread throughout the different neighborhoods of the city. The educational offer of Cartagena is very broad. There are numerous nurseries, colleges and institutes, both public and private, scattered throughout the city and its surroundings. The Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena hosts every year around 7,000 students enrolled in the different degree, master or doctorate studies. In addition, this university has its own university for adults where they can continue studying. If you like shopping, living in Cartagena you will love it. This city has many shops of the most important firms spread across all the streets of the old town. It also has large stores and shopping centers in the outskirts, which will delight lovers of shopping. Local commerce is also very present in all neighborhoods of the city with many shops and small businesses.There are many museums that Cartagena has, some of the most important are the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Cartagena, the Military Historical Museum of Cartagena and the Naval Museum of Cartagena. The latter is closely linked to the shipyard and naval base that counts the city, there are several ships that have been moored here. Throughout the year many festivities are celebrated in this city, among them the carnivals, the processions of Holy Week or the festivity of the Virgen del Carmen in July are some of the most important and visited. In terms of leisure offer, there are several cinemas scattered around the city, numerous bars and restaurants where you can enjoy their cuisine and several pubs and party rooms where you can have a few drinks and listen to good music. The cuisine of Cartagena is based on vegetables, fruits, rice and products from the sea, both the Mediterranean and the Mar Menor. The «michirones» and the great variety of salted meats are some of the most typical tapas. There are several theaters and auditoriums scattered around the city where you can enjoy a wide cultural offer throughout the year. Cartagena, that is located on the Mediterranean coast, will give you many beaches where you can live and enjoy unique moments during the hottest months of the year. Calblanque beach, La Cala beach or Portús beach are just some of the best known. As you may have read, living in Cartagena can be a great option for your family and for you. In Mar de Casas we offer a large number of apartments and houses in Cartagena with great offers. Do not hesitate, living in Cartagena can be a great option.