Living in Callosa de Segura

Living in Callosa de Segura is a unique experience in Alicante. Callosa de Segura, with its 24.8 square kilometers, is located in the Vega Baja of the Segura River at 16 meters above sea level and surrounded by the Municipal Natural Area of ​​La Pilarica-Sierra de Callosa, which with the Cruz de In the middle, the highest peak at 578 meters, and with its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, make Callosa a mild Mediterranean climate. This callosino site has the greatest environmental protection since 2005 for being one of the great green lungs of the Vega Baja of Alicante and for being within its extension different spaces that give good account of the passage of different towns by Callosa de Segura: oldest Islamic castle in all of Alicante, the late Roman site of the Barranco del Diablo, the Islamic cistern of the Casica de la tía Ana and the Ladera de las Camineras, San Juan and San Bruno sites, one of the most impressive sets of Argaric deposits throughout Spain and the Hermitage of the Virgen del Pilar, where the famous pilgrimage is celebrated in honor of the Virgin of the same name. Living in Callosa de Segura is communication, it is to live open to the rest of the villages of the Vega Baja del Segura and to large towns such as Alicante, Murcia and Elche, of which it is 50, 40 and 30 kilometers away respectively. Also, the inhabitants of Callosa de Segura, located mainly in the west sector of the municipality, are closely connected to the neighboring Cox (to the north), Catral (east) and Redován and Orihuela to the south, with which they share many traditions. Callosa de Segura has modern communications through the A7 motorway, the national 340 and the county CV-311, CV-313 and CV-900, configuring Callosa as a tourist city that welcomes the foreigner with open arms. Living in Callosa de Segura is to enjoy its heritage. Callosa de Segura has an urban center without equal, with cobbled streets interspersed with a historical heritage in which the Church of San Martín, a 16th century Renaissance temple that would be awarded with the label of National Historic Artistic Monument, the Chapel of the Franciscan Order and the Hermitage of the Rosary. In addition, living in Callosa is to enjoy the culture and its three main museums: the Archaeological Museum «Antonio Ballester Ruiz», where the visitor can find remains from the Chalcolithic to the Muslim period passing through a flourishing Argaric period, the Ethnological Museum of Hemp and the Orchard, which was born as a tribute to all the people who work this seed to turn it into elaborated products and to the tillage of the Callosa lands and the Museum of Holy Week that houses all the sculptures of the Holy Week of Callosa de Segura. In addition, in this town of Alicante you can enjoy the famous Casa del Belenista where you will find carvings brought from all over the world and the Real Pósito, an old grain store that was rebuilt on the outskirts of the city next to the Camino Real. united with Orihuela. Living in Callosa de Segura is to live its economy, festivals and traditions. Currently, the productive fabric of Callosa de Segura has great impact at national and international level thanks to the manufacture of synthetic fibers (especially threads, ropes and protective nets and for the sports sector), safety and sports shoes and furniture. Callosa de Segura, on the other hand, is intimately linked to the wholesale and retail trade sector and services, boosted in the same way as the rest of the Vega Baja towns. In addition, Callosa del Segura shows a horticultural sector in which legumes, potatoes and citrus fruits are among other products that make tripe dishes such as cocido con pelotas, bacalao meneao and almojábanas triumph in the gastronomy of callosina. All these dishes are delighted by many tourists who enjoy nature and leisure tourism activities, shopping in the small and medium businesses of Callosa del Segura that make a titanic effort to survive in the era of new technologies and a holiday like those celebrated in honor of San Roque, their patron, from August 5 to 16 and coinciding with the Moors and Christians Festivities. Also, curious is the tradition of split the old, where the neighbors of Callosa del Segura remember the oldest of the place wearing cardboard and rag dolls. Living in Callosa de Segura is a way of life and therefore Grupo Mar de Casas offers you a large number of new or second hand homes with which to enjoy the magnificence of a Callosa de Segura that offers everything to do of his life something with which to dream daily.